Sidewalk Cops 9 or Sidewalk Cops IX is a future ninth episode of the YouTube-TV series Sidewalk Cops, with an unknown airdate. An episode was shot in June 2016, but was scrapped. It is believed that Gabe&Garrett have abandoned the episode.

The plot is unknown at this time and Gabe&Garrett have not revealed any plot details.

Characters Edit

The characters returning/debuting are unknown at this time. After the footage was scrapped, Gabe&Garrett have not confirmed any characters returning.

  • Gabriel (rumored ninth appearance)
  • Micah (rumored ninth appearance)

Production & Airdate Edit

Status as of November 19, 2017: ABANDONED

It is likely that this episode will not air for many months/years in the future, if not at all.

The episode was slated to air in late 2017, a few months after Sidewalk Cops 8. Gabe&Garrett confirmed on Facebook that filming had started on June 14, 2016, but did not post any photos to confirm this. Four days later on June 18, Gabe&Garrett posted that they have more time to film Sidewalk Cops 9 because of summer vacation and that "school is over we can shoot 2-5 minutes a day."

Filming was completed on July 3. Gabe&Garrett later posted that day, "Filming of Sidewalk Cops 9 is done! Now editing and we can release it!"

However, on July 9, the episode and its shot footage were scrapped by Gabe&Garrett. So far, no other plot details were revealed and it is widely believed the project was abandoned.